Chili and friends (chapter 1)

Written by Eka Cahyaningrum (BNF primate scientist)  Today I travelled around the forest with my family. We had tasty fruits to fill our belly around the home range until we were full. Getting tired, my family and I started to feel sleepy. It’s time to find a sleeping tree! We then travelled to our favourite […]

An orangutan tries to make a selfie with camera trap!

Written by Adul (Camera trap project coordinator), Azis (Orangutan project coordinator), and Sophie Kirklin (Primate scientist) Our camera traps catch all kinds of photos and videos of the amazing animals that call the Sebangau National Park home. The camera traps are camouflaged in the forest, but don’t always go unnoticed! Recently we found one camera […]

Photography experience in Sebangau National Park

Written by Duncan Murrell (Photographer) As a conservation photographer already involved in conservation work in Palawan right next door to Borneo it was an obvious progression for me to try to get involved there as well, and fortuitously that was facilitated when I met one of the directors of the Borneo Nature Foundation who lives […]

Endless reasons to protect orangutans

Written by Sophie Kirklin (BNF’s Orangutan Scientist) In orangutan caring week, we remind ourselves why we care about our orange relatives and why it is so important that we do! To us at BNF, it seems like there are endless reasons, but here are a few of the top of our heads: Conservation – To […]

New baby gibbon in Group C!

Written by Jack Poole (BNF’s Intern) September 28th 2017 It was early. The clouds were low as if a coastal mist had settled in above our heads. It felt pleasantly cool and needless to say, it felt mystic, particularly serene in camp and the surrounding rainforest this morning. I greeted Adul (a master of […]

Hello from the Sebangau National Park forest!

Hello! Isabella and Louise here; two volunteers in the second group at the BNF Sebangau National Park camp. We are now over half way through our volunteering experience and over the last few weeks we have conducted gibbon triangulation surveys, measured the growth of trees in different plot sites, and surveyed the butterfly and dragonfly […]

Feb (wild female orangutan) is Pregnant!

Written by Azis (Orangutan Project Coordinator) When I followed Feb, a wild adult female orangutan in the Sabangau Forest, I saw very different behaviour than normal.  I could also see that her belly was very big! Normally Feb is more active, whereas this time she was slow and resting a lot. So I had the […]

Orangutan’s family tree!

Written by Sophie Kirklin (BNF’s Primate Scientist) Cleo: Where it all started. Cleo was the first orangutan resident to be followed by the OuTrop team, back in 2003. Since then, her family has grown! On the project today, the community of orangutans who we follow, and come to know very well, is bigger, and still […]

Coming of Age: Development of independence in orangutans

by Sophie Kirklin (BNF Orangutan Scientist) In 2015 I spent four months in the Sabangau Forest, collecting data for my Masters dissertation with Borneo Nature Foundation. My project was on the development of orangutan infants, and how they eventually become independent from their mothers. My fascination with orangutans developed into a bit of an obsession […]