Tropical Peatland Biodiversity and Revegetation

TOWARDS 1 MILLION TREES REPLANTED IN THE SEBANGAU NATIONAL PARK, INDONESIAN BORNEO 1. Which native tree species survive best when replanted in deforested tropical peatland? 2. Can use of reed baskets (bakul) and shade for planting both increase seedling survivaland provide local community benefits? 3. Does a Community Nursery approach enhance community benefits and provide […]

Reforestation For A Better Future

Udin: “I plant with my heart and take care like my own child” After the devastating forest fires of 2015, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in Sebangau National Park burned down destroying everything. Many species of flora and fauna perished in the fire and haze. Reforestation efforts by replanting seedlings were carried out […]

Planting the trees for a new hope

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit During the last 2 months, Anak Sabangau Education Program initiated by BNF has done some activities at the new pondok in Kereng Bangkirai village. The pondok consists of two small temporary lodges in an open area with some trees around. Because Anak Sabangau has thematic enviromental education every month, we […]