Bring the rainforest into a classroom through education

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit (BNF education staff) Nowadays environmental education is needed to be taught from an early age because environmental issues cannot be underestimated, we still remember the haze in 2015 that make a big impact for the environment, socio-economic, and health.  We don’t want it will happen again in the future, so […]

Learning by doing in the forest

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit (BNF’s Education Staff) Last month, the Education Programme, Anak Sabangau, learned about the importance of biodiversity, while learning about the tree species and animals that live in the Sabangau forest. At the end of the lessons, the Education Team brought Anak Sabangau to visit CIMTROP’s LAHG Camp to have firsthand […]

Experience the nature, back to nature

Written by Petricia Andini Hutasoit Anak Sabangau (or ‘Children of Sabangau’) is an education programme of Borneo Nature Foundation based in the village of Kereng Bangkirai next to the Sabangau Forest. The children who join Anak Sabangau take part in our environmental education sessions every week, which follow different themes each month (like orangutans, recycling, […]