Weaving Hope for the Future

Gray clouds blanketed Palangka Raya that morning, as we drove 20 minutes from the city center to the village of Kereng Bangkirai in the nearby Sebangau District. Getting out of the car, we crossed a rickety walkway over the peat-swamp to a small wooden house, propped up on stilts above the black water. Women’s laughter […]

Learning Culture with the Spirit of Isen Mulang

They came on motorbikes, pulling up to meet us in a Palangka Raya City Park. These five young people — Prilicia, Fani, Dian, Hasyim, and Glen — are students from the University of Palangka Raya, each an awardee of the Orangutan Caring Scholarship (OCS) by Orang Utan Republik Foundation the Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) Indonesia. […]

The Month of Love: Getting Reacquainted with Gracia and Gara

February 14th is marked by annual celebrations around the world as people gather their loved ones and exchange gifts to commemorate Valentine’s Day. This year, Abdul Azis (affectionately known as Azis Orangutan by his colleagues), Orangutan Coordinator at BNF, was also feeling the love. Azis was happy because he had finally been given the go-ahead […]

VTOL Technology Opens up the Skies of Central Kalimantan

Forest and land fires are an ever-present risk in Borneo, requiring careful mitigation planning for the dry season each year. The greater the threat — one which is increasingly heightened by global warming —the more sophisticated these mitigation efforts must be. Now, with the use of drone technology, fire hotspots can be detected more quickly, […]

Popy’s Adventure #3

POPY’S ADVENTURE #3 POPY MEETS OBO As sunlight fell through cracks in the trees and the morning’s dew began to evaporate, Popy and her mother prepared to leave the nest they had slept in last night. With Popy holding on tight to his mother’s body, the two started swinging from tree to tree in search […]

Captivated by Charismatic Red Monkey

DISCOVER MORE ABOUT ONE OF BORNEO’S MOST CHARMING, YET UNDERAPPRECIATED, PRIMATES It was early morning and temperatures were low at the Peat Forest Natural Laboratory (LAHG) camp, a special zone within the Sebangau National Park. As I shivered fitfully in my tent, distant sounds of screaming and whistling pricked at my eardrums, stirring me from […]

Popy’s Adventure #2

POPY BUILDS A NEST As the sun continued its westward crawl and the day’s colours slowly began to fade, Popy and her mother picked out a tree to sleep in. “Popy, we have to choose a different tree every day to sleep,” said Popy’s mother, tugging at the twigs and leaves to form a nest […]

An orangutan tries to make a selfie with camera trap!

Written by Adul (Camera trap project coordinator), Azis (Orangutan project coordinator), and Sophie Kirklin (Primate scientist) Our camera traps catch all kinds of photos and videos of the amazing animals that call the Sebangau National Park home. The camera traps are camouflaged in the forest, but don’t always go unnoticed! Recently we found one camera […]

Orangutan’s family tree!

Written by Sophie Kirklin (BNF’s Primate Scientist) Cleo: Where it all started. Cleo was the first orangutan resident to be followed by the OuTrop team, back in 2003. Since then, her family has grown! On the project today, the community of orangutans who we follow, and come to know very well, is bigger, and still […]

Hear volunteer’s testimony from Rungan Forest- Borneo!

The volunteers from Exeter Univerity (UK) spent a month in Rungan Forest- Borneo Indonesia without any internet or mobile connection. They joined our scientific expedition to learn about the Rungan Forest and to understand the species richness and biodiversity there. Here are their testimonies from the beginning of their trip: Katherine – This is the […]