Indigenous People and Nature

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING KALIMANTAN’S FOREST In the midst of the hustle and bustle of ecological problems, the recognition of the role of indigenous peoples and their awareness of their practice in caring for nature is increasingly recognized by the world. However, appreciation for their presence will have more meaning if it is drawn according […]

Farming the Ancestors’ Way

TRADITIONAL DAYAK FARMING AND SHIFTING CULTIVATION Farming is a way of survival that has existed for thousands of years in the archipelago. There are various types of cultivation methods passed down from generation to generation which were developed based on local wisdom and the principle of harmony with nature. In the midst of the fast […]

Keeping the Veins of Black Water

The river is like a vein and the forest is the heart. When the arteries are damaged, the heart slowly stops functioning. A heart that cannot function inevitably leads to death.