Popy’s Adventure #3

POPY’S ADVENTURE #3 POPY MEETS OBO As sunlight fell through cracks in the trees and the morning’s dew began to evaporate, Popy and her mother prepared to leave the nest they had slept in last night. With Popy holding on tight to his mother’s body, the two started swinging from tree to tree in search […]

Chili and friends (chapter 1)

Written by Eka Cahyaningrum (BNF primate scientist)  Today I travelled around the forest with my family. We had tasty fruits to fill our belly around the home range until we were full. Getting tired, my family and I started to feel sleepy. It’s time to find a sleeping tree! We then travelled to our favourite […]

New baby gibbon in Group C!

Written by Jack Poole (BNF’s Intern) September 28th 2017 4.am It was early. The clouds were low as if a coastal mist had settled in above our heads. It felt pleasantly cool and needless to say, it felt mystic, particularly serene in camp and the surrounding rainforest this morning. I greeted Adul (a master of […]

Hello from the Sebangau National Park forest!

Hello! Isabella and Louise here; two volunteers in the second group at the BNF Sebangau National Park camp. We are now over half way through our volunteering experience and over the last few weeks we have conducted gibbon triangulation surveys, measured the growth of trees in different plot sites, and surveyed the butterfly and dragonfly […]

Rainforest Live: Bringing wildlife sightings to you

On 8 June, BNF was joined by 24 other conservation organisations for Rainforest: Live 2017. We were live on social media from rainforests around the world for the whole day. People experienced the wonders of the tropical rainforest without leaving the comfort of their homes. Incredibly, our hashtag #RainforestLive was viewed over 2.4 million times […]

Chilli and friends (Part 6 – End)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) and Cara Wilcox(BNF’s Primate Scientist) Every day I try to find new friends to play with in the forest, but from my experience, I have found it difficult to meet friends that are good to play with. However, this has helped me to learn a lot about the […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 5)

Written by Azis K. (Gibbon project coordinator) and Cara Wilcox (BNF’s primate scientist) One day, when I was traveling with my family in our area of the forest, my dad was eating and my mum and I were searching for food up ahead. I saw something that I had never seen before; with two legs, […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 4)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon project coordinator) and Cara Wilcox (BNF’s primate scientist) Yesterday, when I woke up in the forest it was an overcast day. Mum, dad and I started our day, but we had an odd feeling that morning, I’m not sure why. When we were travelling, my dad made an alarm call […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 3)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) Last week, my mum and I were travelling west in the forest. We had just finished eating and were resting in the trees and enjoying our home in the Sabangau Forest. I looked up, down, to the left and when I looked to the right I saw a […]