Can’t See the Trees for the Forest

WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE THE TREES FOR THE FOREST Features | Posts | Conservation Borneo is one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, host to a staggering array of plant species. In fact, one ten-hectare plot in Borneo can contain more than 700 tree species, a number equal to that of the United States […]

The Month of Love: Getting Reacquainted with Gracia and Gara

February 14th is marked by annual celebrations around the world as people gather their loved ones and exchange gifts to commemorate Valentine’s Day. This year, Abdul Azis (affectionately known as Azis Orangutan by his colleagues), Orangutan Coordinator at BNF, was also feeling the love. Azis was happy because he had finally been given the go-ahead […]

Popy’s Adventure #3

POPY’S ADVENTURE #3 POPY MEETS OBO As sunlight fell through cracks in the trees and the morning’s dew began to evaporate, Popy and her mother prepared to leave the nest they had slept in last night. With Popy holding on tight to his mother’s body, the two started swinging from tree to tree in search […]

Captivated by Charismatic Red Monkey

DISCOVER MORE ABOUT ONE OF BORNEO’S MOST CHARMING, YET UNDERAPPRECIATED, PRIMATES It was early morning and temperatures were low at the Peat Forest Natural Laboratory (LAHG) camp, a special zone within the Sebangau National Park. As I shivered fitfully in my tent, distant sounds of screaming and whistling pricked at my eardrums, stirring me from […]

Popy’s Adventure #2

POPY BUILDS A NEST As the sun continued its westward crawl and the day’s colours slowly began to fade, Popy and her mother picked out a tree to sleep in. “Popy, we have to choose a different tree every day to sleep,” said Popy’s mother, tugging at the twigs and leaves to form a nest […]

Setting up Snoops in the Jungle of Borneo

Written by Yohanes Prahara, BNF’s Content Creator and Media Liaison After almost one and a half hours of struggling up ‘the onerous cliff’, we finally arrived at the first camera trap location. The forest canopy sheltered us that afternoon. The sun wasn’t even directly above our heads yet. The atmosphere was cool and pleasant, a […]

Menjalankan Konservasi Taman Nasional Sebangau Bersama Masyarakat

Taman Nasional Sebangau (TNS) merupakan salah satu kawasan konservasi dengan hutan rawa gambut tropika tersisa dan penting di Kalimantan, bahkan dunia. Keberadaan kawasan seluas ± 537.451 hektar ini mampu mempengaruhi fungsi ekologis-hidrologis di sekitarnya. Kawasan Gambut Sebangau merupakan penyangga bagi tiga daerah aliran sungai (DAS) besar di provinsi Kalimantan Tengah, yaitu Sungai Katingan, Sungai Kahayan, […]

Creeping on The Onerous Cliff

The morning greeted Rekut’s jungle. The light of dawn woke me from a hammock that I tied to wooden poles in the corner of our temporary camp. This was our first morning on the Heart of Borneo expedition in June 2021. Instantly, the freshness of the air greeted me. I inhaled deeply while looking at […]

Stepping Towards on The Borneo’s Last Fortress

Writen by: Ferdiandus Eko Budi and Mohamad Burhanudin Spanning an area of ​​220,000 square kilometers, located in three countries, and lying in the middle of the island of Kalimantan, the Heart of Borneo forest tells the story of remaining hope. In the pace of changing times that are never friendly to nature, this forest still […]

Workshop on Integrating Research for Rungan Conservation Presented 6 International Experts

Written by Wendy Erb (Researcher) The good and effective policy requires a well-informed decision-making process, particularly ones that aim for sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity. For this reason, two crucial aspects of policy input are ecological aspects and ethnographic aspects. It is important to align both in the search for a […]