Camera Traps in Barito Ulu On a misty June morning, the gentle chugging of a boat engine ebbed slowly up the Riam Lampei Awei River. The boat, containing 10 members of Borneo Nature Foundation’s (BNF) camera trap research team departed from a traditional floating house on the banks of the Joloi River and headed 90 […]

Cameras for Cats: What’s the Big Idea?

We are excited to announce that BNF has launched our new Cameras for Cats campaign, raising money for an upcoming multi-landscape research initiative to uncover the secret lives of Borneo’s wild cats. Whilst orangutans have become near-synonymous with the island’s wildlife, Borneo is host to thousands of other animal species, including five wild cats: the bay […]

Setting up Snoops in the Jungle of Borneo

Written by Yohanes Prahara, BNF’s Content Creator and Media Liaison After almost one and a half hours of struggling up ‘the onerous cliff’, we finally arrived at the first camera trap location. The forest canopy sheltered us that afternoon. The sun wasn’t even directly above our heads yet. The atmosphere was cool and pleasant, a […]

Creeping on The Onerous Cliff

The morning greeted Rekut’s jungle. The light of dawn woke me from a hammock that I tied to wooden poles in the corner of our temporary camp. This was our first morning on the Heart of Borneo expedition in June 2021. Instantly, the freshness of the air greeted me. I inhaled deeply while looking at […]

Stepping Towards on The Borneo’s Last Fortress

Writen by: Ferdiandus Eko Budi and Mohamad Burhanudin Spanning an area of ​​220,000 square kilometers, located in three countries, and lying in the middle of the island of Kalimantan, the Heart of Borneo forest tells the story of remaining hope. In the pace of changing times that are never friendly to nature, this forest still […]