Chili and friends (chapter 1)

Written by Eka Cahyaningrum (BNF primate scientist)  Today I travelled around the forest with my family. We had tasty fruits to fill our belly around the home range until we were full. Getting tired, my family and I started to feel sleepy. It’s time to find a sleeping tree! We then travelled to our favourite […]

Bring the rainforest into a classroom through education

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit (BNF education staff) Nowadays environmental education is needed to be taught from an early age because environmental issues cannot be underestimated, we still remember the haze in 2015 that make a big impact for the environment, socio-economic, and health.  We don’t want it will happen again in the future, so […]

An orangutan tries to make a selfie with camera trap!

Written by Adul (Camera trap project coordinator), Azis (Orangutan project coordinator), and Sophie Kirklin (Primate scientist) Our camera traps catch all kinds of photos and videos of the amazing animals that call the Sebangau National Park home. The camera traps are camouflaged in the forest, but don’t always go unnoticed! Recently we found one camera […]

Planting the trees for a new hope

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit During the last 2 months, Anak Sabangau Education Program initiated by BNF has done some activities at the new pondok in Kereng Bangkirai village. The pondok consists of two small temporary lodges in an open area with some trees around. Because Anak Sabangau has thematic enviromental education every month, we […]

Habitat Usage by Primates in the Human-Disturbed Forests of Kalimantan

Written by Dr. Susan Cheyne (BNF’s Co-director) The recent report of 100k orangutans having died in Borneo over a 16 year period have brought attention back to the high rates of deforestation prevailing in Borneo and its devastating impact on its unique primate fauna. Analysis by UNEP indicates that Borneo has lost a significant chunk […]

Learning by doing in the forest

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit (BNF’s Education Staff) Last month, the Education Programme, Anak Sabangau, learned about the importance of biodiversity, while learning about the tree species and animals that live in the Sabangau forest. At the end of the lessons, the Education Team brought Anak Sabangau to visit CIMTROP’s LAHG Camp to have firsthand […]

Photography experience in Sebangau National Park

Written by Duncan Murrell (Photographer) As a conservation photographer already involved in conservation work in Palawan right next door to Borneo it was an obvious progression for me to try to get involved there as well, and fortuitously that was facilitated when I met one of the directors of the Borneo Nature Foundation who lives […]

Culture exchange through letters

Written by Petricia Andini Hutasoit (BNF’s Education staff) Happy New Year everyone! 2017 was a great year for the Education Programme and 2018 is looking like it will be awesome. New year, new hope, new activities for the Education Programme, especially Anak Sebangau (meaning ‘Children of the Sebangau Forest’). Anak Sabangau is starting out their activities […]