The Month of Love: Getting Reacquainted with Gracia and Gara

February 14th is marked by annual celebrations around the world as people gather their loved ones and exchange gifts to commemorate Valentine’s Day. This year, Abdul Azis (affectionately known as Azis Orangutan by his colleagues), Orangutan Coordinator at BNF, was also feeling the love. Azis was happy because he had finally been given the go-ahead […]

Popy’s Adventure #3

POPY’S ADVENTURE #3 POPY MEETS OBO As sunlight fell through cracks in the trees and the morning’s dew began to evaporate, Popy and her mother prepared to leave the nest they had slept in last night. With Popy holding on tight to his mother’s body, the two started swinging from tree to tree in search […]

Meet the Orangutans, Georgia and Gus

One day in March, before the Covid19 pandemic situation happened in Indonesian Borneo, Azis and Jali (two of BNF’s orangutan researchers) trekked through the Natural Laboratory of Peat-swamp Forest (LAHG), a special zone within the Sebangau National Park in search of Gracia and the Kids (wild orangutan). But by late afternoon none of the family […]

Chilli and friends (Part 6 – End)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) and Cara Wilcox(BNF’s Primate Scientist) Every day I try to find new friends to play with in the forest, but from my experience, I have found it difficult to meet friends that are good to play with. However, this has helped me to learn a lot about the […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 5)

Written by Azis K. (Gibbon project coordinator) and Cara Wilcox (BNF’s primate scientist) One day, when I was traveling with my family in our area of the forest, my dad was eating and my mum and I were searching for food up ahead. I saw something that I had never seen before; with two legs, […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 4)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon project coordinator) and Cara Wilcox (BNF’s primate scientist) Yesterday, when I woke up in the forest it was an overcast day. Mum, dad and I started our day, but we had an odd feeling that morning, I’m not sure why. When we were travelling, my dad made an alarm call […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 2)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) Last month I searched for a new friend. I was travelling with my mum close to a canal in the forest, and my dad was behind us. When I was eating I heard my mum in front make a ‘hoot’ noise, we make this noise when there is […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 1)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) Meet Chilli; one of the most well-known and lovable gibbons of the Sabangau Forest. Here she shares some of her adventures from the forest for you and your family to enjoy.   My name is Chilli and I live with my family in the Sabangau Forest on Borneo. […]