Drones for Conservation

Drones are an increasingly important tool for protecting forests. Equipped with thermal imaging technology, they increase our capacity to detect and map fires, and target fire-fighting efforts. We can use them to monitor orangutan population density and survey biodiversity in otherwise inaccessible forest areas. In recent years, Professor Serge Wich and his team at Liverpool […]

Orangutan Population Survey

Orangutan populations are calculated by surveying their nests. Initial surveys, such as those we conducted in the Sebangau and Rungan landscapes, can confirm the presence of significant orangutan populations. With long-term monitoring, we can map trends in population and assess the impacts of disturbance such as illegal logging, habitat loss and fire on orangutans. We […]

Forest Ecology

Understanding the forest itself is essential for understanding its biodiversity and the benefits it provides. We have a strong tradition of research in this area, with data sets collected over more than 15 years and across numerous forest types. This research can be broadly categorised into three main components, all of which include both assessment […]


Our research into the biodiversity of Kalimantan’s tropical forests is second to none. Our studies have produced extensive data from a number of forest sites that cover most major animal groups (from birds and reptiles, to butterflies and ants), plus tree and non-tree flora. In Sebangau National Park, our records date back to 1993 and […]

Wild Cats & Camera Traps

Using infrared camera traps, we seek to answer key questions about the behaviour and ecology of Borneo’s secretive wild cats. Our discoveries are helping us to mitigate the threats and protect these endangered species in their rainforest home. We began camera trap surveys in 2008 in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) at […]

Primate Behaviour & Ecology

We conduct some of the longest running, continuous conservation research on three wild primate species: 1. the critically endangered Southern Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii), 2. the endangered Bornean white-bearded gibbon (Hylobates albibarbis)3. and the red langur monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), classified Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. The objective of our primate research is the […]