Reforestation of rehabilitation areas is an essential part of our work. Replanting trees prevents soil erosion, restores wildlife habitats and reduces fire risks; it engages local communities in conservation; and it contributes to the global fight to stop climate change. We have a long-term project studying reforestation in some of the most damaged rainforests of […]

Fire-fighting & Prevention

In their natural state peat-swamp forests, like the Sebangau National Park, are permanently waterlogged and fire resistant. Drainage canals, dug illegally to remove timber and to develop plantations, dry out the peat leading to annual dry season forest fires, with drought conditions further intensified every 5 or so years during El Niño. In 2015, massive […]

Habitat Protection

The rainforests of Borneo are being cleared at an alarming rate, threatening wildlife, indigenous people’s livelihoods and contributing to climate change. We work in threatened landscapes to save critical habitats from destruction, and protect orangutans and other endangered wildlife. We are working to protect rainforests from deforestation, to save wildlife and prevent the loss of […]

Community Forest Patrols

We are proud to support a dedicated Community Patrol Team who supports the protection of the Sebangau National Park from illegal logging, hunting of endangered species and forest fires. We work hand in hand with local organisations to safeguard Borneo’s magnificent rainforests. In partnership with the Centre for International Cooperation in Sustainable Management of Tropical […]