Youth Camps and Conferences

Our youth camps and conferences introduce high school students to exciting and inspiring change-makers who are involved in making the world a better place. We give students the chance to gain knowledge and experience that can help shape their contribution to the way the future will unfold. We bring young people together in the forests […]

Interactive Storytelling

The forest fires that cause devastation across Indonesia every year inspired our team to publish a children’s storybook with important messages about Borneo’s incredible wildlife, the importance of protecting its last remaining rainforests and the serious threat and impacts of the fires. We have a long-term project studying reforestation in some of the most damaged […]

Nature Clubs

Despite living close to the rainforest many of Borneo’s children and teenagers are disconnected with nature and rarely, if ever, visit the forest that is their natural heritage. Our Nature Clubs deliver innovative environmental education to young people in a non-school space through interactive games, art and field trips, and inspire them to get involved […]

Rainforest Field Trips

Field trips are an essential component of our environmental education programme. Taking young people into the rainforest brings lessons learned in the classroom to life, and never fails to astound and inspire what we hope will be the next generation of conservationists. Many of the young people we work with, even those living near forests, […]

School Conservation Course

We deliver conservation classes in local schools to increase knowledge of wildlife and rainforests, encourage children to connect with nature and take action to help protect it. Our Education Team answers a key question; ‘Why is conservation important?’​ The School Conservation Course consists of ten modules, which have been created to complement the national school […]