Cameras for Cats

Little is known about Borneo’s wild cats, but most populations are believed to be in decline due to widespread habitat destruction and poaching. Help us shed light on the secret lives of these beautiful cats and take conservation action.

Emergency firefighting & prevention

Every year forest fires return to Borneo and engulf the region in a toxic haze for months on end. Urgent help is needed to prevent the fires from returning and to prepare the brave frontline firefighters who protect people and wildlife, save the forest and stop the peat fires that are a major driver of global climate change.

Help plant 1 million trees

One million trees will help restore a critical peat-swamp forest in Borneo, home to the world’s largest protected population of orangutans. We aim to grow, plant, monitor and protect 1 million trees by 2025, sequestering carbon to lead the fight against climate change and protecting a vast biodiversity-rich rainforest.