<strong>Can’t see the trees for the forest</strong>

WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE THE TREES FOR THE FOREST Features | Posts | Conservation Borneo is one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, host to a staggering array of plant species. In fact, one ten-hectare plot in Borneo can contain more than 700 tree species, a number equal to that of the United States […]

Halloween: Meet Borneo’s Creepiest Wildlife!

Halloween 2022: Borneo’s Creepiest Wildlife! It’s Halloween! To celebrate, let’s usher in the spooky season by getting to know a few of Borneo’s creepiest jungle inhabitants: Pitcher plants (genus Nepenthes) Like other carnivorous plants, pitcher plants grow in poor quality soil, so have adapted to find their nutrients elsewhere. These predatory plants have a built-in […]

Introducing the 5 wild cats of Kalimantan

As you might have read over the last few weeks, Borneo is home to five species of wild cat: the bay cat, Sundra clouded leopard, marbled cat, Sunda leopard cat and flat-headed cat. However, with the possible exception of clouded leopards, none of these species have received much conservation attention.   Well, that’s something we’re hoping […]

Cats, Conservation… Cameras!

We recently launched our exciting new Cameras for Cats campaign, supporting a multi-landscape camera trapping initiative to gather data on Borneo’s secretive wild cats. In this article, we will explore the survey methods used by our teams in the field and learn all about camera trapping for conservation research.  Camera traps play an important role […]

The Month of Love: Getting Reacquainted with Gracia and Gara

February 14th is marked by annual celebrations around the world as people gather their loved ones and exchange gifts to commemorate Valentine’s Day. This year, Abdul Azis (affectionately known as Azis Orangutan by his colleagues), Orangutan Coordinator at BNF, was also feeling the love. Azis was happy because he had finally been given the go-ahead […]

Cameras for Cats: What’s the Big Idea?

We are excited to announce that BNF has launched our new Cameras for Cats campaign, raising money for an upcoming multi-landscape research initiative to uncover the secret lives of Borneo’s wild cats. Whilst orangutans have become near-synonymous with the island’s wildlife, Borneo is host to thousands of other animal species, including five wild cats: the bay […]