Popy’s Adventure #2

POPY BUILDS A NEST As the sun continued its westward crawl and the day’s colours slowly began to fade, Popy and her mother picked out a tree to sleep in. “Popy, we have to choose a different tree every day to sleep,” said Popy’s mother, tugging at the twigs and leaves to form a nest […]

Indigenous People and Nature

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING KALIMANTAN’S FOREST In the midst of the hustle and bustle of ecological problems, the recognition of the role of indigenous peoples and their awareness of their practice in caring for nature is increasingly recognized by the world. However, appreciation for their presence will have more meaning if it is drawn according […]

Borneo Nature Foundation 2021 Kaleidoscope

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, HERE ARE SOME OF OUR KEY ACHIEVEMENTS THIS YEAR Another year has passed under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, which still poses a major challenge to us all. However, this year we were able to resume many of our activities, including habitat restoration, community development, social forestry and education, […]

Popy’s Adventure #1

THE FOREST GARDENERS The sun’s rays filter through gaps in the canopy, sporadically illuminating the forest floor. In a tall tree, Popy, a young orangutan, and her mother have just woken up and are getting ready to leave their nest. “Where are we going today, Mom?” “We will find fruit to eat. Yesterday while making […]