<strong>Getting to Know Bioacoustics</strong>

Did you know that sound waves can be analysed as a biodiversity monitoring tool? Let’s talk bioacoustics! Bioacoustics is a research field that uses audio recording devices to study species and ecosystems. This is less intensive than many traditional field methods and allows us to listen in on wild animals without creating too much disturbance. […]

<strong>Guarding The Ancestral Forest “Fields”</strong>

“The spirit will never fade, even though our step may stumble,” laughed Kamison, as he made his way up the muddy road. For Kamison, who belongs to Borneo’s indigenous Dayak people, the forest is his “field” – a source of livelihood passed down by his ancestors from long ago. The forest provides food, medicinal plants […]

<strong>Getting to Know Local Food</strong>

As well as supporting much of Earth’s biodiversity, forest ecosystems are an important source of human livelihood. For this reason, Borneo’s tropical rainforests are regarded as a hereditary treasure by the indigenous Dayak population, many of whom still rely on the forest for food and medicines. Bukit Sua Village in Palangka Raya City, Indonesian Borneo, […]

A Close Encounter with Gara

A Close Ecounter with Gara

As the year draws to a close, the rainy season begins in Indonesia. For several months, the pounding rain becomes a near-constant backing track, and the air hangs heavy with moisture. Despite the extreme weather, our Orangutan Team—consisting of “The Twins”, Aziz K and Azis OU—are in high spirits. BNF’s orangutan follows were suspended for […]