Getting to Know Bioacoustics

Did you know that sound waves can be analysed as a biodiversity monitoring tool? Let’s talk bioacoustics! Bioacoustics is a research field that uses audio recording devices to study species and ecosystems. This is less intensive than many traditional field methods and allows us to listen in on wild animals without creating too much disturbance. […]

Searching For The Hybrid

Barito Ulu in Central Kalimantan province is the only region in Borneo that harbours a hybrid gibbon population. Located at the fork where the Rekut River breaks from the Busang River, Rekut Camp is a historic site for ecological research in Barito Ulu, first established in 1989. Tucked away in pristine dipterocarp rainforest over 600 […]

Forest Music: Sound Immersion Through Bioacoustic

“What is bioacoustic?” “And why conduct bioacoustic study?” Those were the questions that brought 15 students and 3 teachers from a local school, SMA 9 Palangka Raya, into the forest on an exciting field trip to learn more about this developing field of study. The group was invited to gain firsthand experience of wildlife research […]

Workshop on Integrating Research for Rungan Conservation Presented 6 International Experts

Written by Wendy Erb (Researcher) The good and effective policy requires a well-informed decision-making process, particularly ones that aim for sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity. For this reason, two crucial aspects of policy input are ecological aspects and ethnographic aspects. It is important to align both in the search for a […]