The Sebangau Rangers Program and the New Normal

The ‘Sebangau Rangers’ is one of the BNF Education Program, and in July 2020 activities were resumed after three months of carrying out online learning activities. Since April 2020, the Sebangau Rangers program stopped its group activities in accordance with government COVID-19 regulations, and instead, studied and worked from home. During the pandemic the Sebangau […]

Prosperity without Burning the Land

The dry season has arrived. As in previous years, forest and land fire disasters begin in the dry season, threatening Central Kalimantan. In addition to flooding, forest and land fires are major disasters for the province. According to data from SiPongi (Forest and Land Fire Monitoring System) by Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in […]

Growing Awareness about Conservation

In everyday life we often carry out simple conservation activities that we may not be aware of. We must help to protect the existence of animals or plants that are becoming scarce and endangered due to damage to the conservation environment itself. Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) has collaborated with the Orangutan Republic Foundation (OURF) through […]