Reforestation For A Better Future

Udin: “I plant with my heart and take care like my own child” After the devastating forest fires of 2015, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in Sebangau National Park burned down destroying everything. Many species of flora and fauna perished in the fire and haze. Reforestation efforts by replanting seedlings were carried out […]

Flying insects as potential bio-indicators for habitat degradation assessments.

Borneo rainforest: It has always been a dream of mine to witness, experience and live in the beauty of this pristine rainforest. Finally, this dream of mine came true when I got this unique opportunity to conduct a five-month study as part of my bachelor thesis research. Kawasan Hutan Dengan Tujuan Khusus (KHDTK) lies in […]

Back to earth, replacing plastic polybags with purun

For a long time, Dayak people have used natural materials to craft the tools they need everyday, including hats, sleeping equipment, baskets, and even bags. Central Kalimantan is a landscape formed mostly of peat, and one of the particularly special plants found here is Purun (Lepironia articulata), a Grey Sedge with a woody stem. This […]

Playing Wildeverse: Killing boredom with Wildeverse!

“My name is Nanda (29), I am a housewife and have 2 children. Every day I work at home to look after and care for my children. I am often bored and confused about what to do when all my housework has been done. Last week, my friend suggested downloading a newly launched Augmented Reality […]

Meet Eka who becomes a scientist and a game character!

I grew up in the city, an introverted young girl far away from mountains and forest. But, I chose Biology as a major for my undergraduate degree. Sometimes life is difficult at university. Far away from home and exploring new surroundings. I didn’t know what I wanted to do afterwards, and games were always my […]

Sebangau Ranger learned about the safety during CoVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Written by Jessica Ririhatuela (BNF’ Education Staff) Recently the world has been hit by a pandemic. Everyone is talking about this outbreak and starting to worry about it. As public conversations around coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) increase, children who join in the BNF community may worry about themselves, their family, and friends getting ill with COVID-19. […]