9 Endangered Species in Rungan Landscape

Written by Yohanes Prahara (BNF’s Content Creator) Indonesia is situated in the tropics, therefore, has a lot of tropical rain forests, in which there are thousands of exotic animal species. However, some of these species are almost extinct due to habitat damage and loss. One of the provinces in Indonesia has a wealth of biodiversity […]

The Beauty of Masting

Written by Yohanes Prahara (BNF’s Content Creator) Nature has a mysterious beauty. At a certain time, especially in the Rungan Landscape, there is a particular natural phenomenon. This phenomenon is called Masting. “Masting is one of the strategies of a tree population whereby they produce a lot of seeds for reproduction in an indefinite period […]

The Hidden Paradise of Kerangas

Written by Yohanes Prahara (BNF’s Content Creator) Nam: “Wow, this is so beautiful and such an interesting landscape for fauna and flora to co-exist.” In January 2020, near the research camp my friend Nam exclaimed “I saw eyes in the tree, so I used a headlamp to see, and aaaaaaaaaaahhh….” “Whatttt? That’s amazing!” I shouted […]

Kerangas “The Land which cannot Grow Rice”

Written by Yohanes Prahara (BNF’s Content Creator) The Central Borneo landscape encompasses expanses of peatland, and Kerangas forests, areas vital for biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. Peat swamp forests occur when waterlogged tropical forests prevent dead leaves and wood from fully decomposing, creating a thick layer of acidic peat. The Kerangas is derived from the Dayak […]