Tackling the Illegal Online Trade of Indonesian Small Apes

Written by Dr. Susan Cheyne (BNF International’s Co-director) In 2018, Indonesia was ranked in the top four countries with the highest number of Facebook and Instagram users globally. Indonesia is also recognised as one of the top primate habitat countries with the most prolific trade in wildlife.  Eight species of gibbon are distributed across Indonesia; […]

BNF Education Volunteers: Protecting the environment through education

Written by Ina Christina (BNF Education Staff) Our Youth Education Programme delivers environmental education activities for young people, in local schools and communities, from kindergarten age right up to high school. Due to the high number of participants in our Education Programme, BNF cannot implement all the activities alone. We need support from volunteers who […]

BBC Earth’s Tropical Islands: Interview with Twenti

Interview by Desi Natalia (BNF’s Online Engagement Officer) Hi Twenti, how are you? Hi, I’m great! So, we will talk about the self-medicating orangutans that were featured in the BBC Earth’s Tropical Islands Borneo episode. Can you tell me when the BBC came to Borneo to film for the new documentary series? The film crew […]