A great chance to share biodiversity of Rungan Forest through a Documentary

Written by Desi Natalia (Producer of Kaliwood Film Community) This year is really special for Kaliwood Film Community. In the early year, I represented the documentary Dance Around the Globe: “Finding the Warrior Within” in Bali 1st Indigenous Film Festival as a part of Borneo Production International. It allowed me to introduce Kaliwood to the audience […]

What happened in 2018?

Before another year unfolds, we are going to take stock of what we have achieved over the past 365 days of 2018. For us, it has been a year of an amazing journey to which we have invested our mind and heart in all programmes at Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) to work together with many […]

A visit from Mr. Bekantan

by Arapa Efendi (Content Writer) Below are two photos of a long-nosed monkey (Proboscis monkey) or locally known as Bekantan that visited our research camp at the Natural Laboratory of Sebangau Peat-Swamp Forest (NLPSF) very recently. Our special guest traveled across 55 miles from the Muara Bulan regency, the district of Katingan, to camp. The […]

The first touch to conservation education

by Jessica (Education Staff) I was a teacher before I start to work in BNF. My biggest passion is to bring environmental awareness to all of my students. This is because nowadays children live very far from the nature and they only have few opportunities of coming into intimate contact with the nature, or having […]