A day living and working in the forest

Written by Camille Burton (Volunteer 2018) It’s 6:30am and the rustle of sleepy people and groans next to me confirms it’s time to get a move on to make sure I’m ready to pounce on breakfast before the good stuff disappears. Our beds, which look more like stretchers, are made from rice bags and are […]

What it takes to be a human: a lesson from field course 2018

by Lucas Elsrode (Field Course Participant 2018) The rattling of the cart shook my torso back and forth, my spine imitated a slinky being spun around by an overexcited toddler with ADHD. It was the day I arrived at camp in Sabangau forest. The sun was out, the air was hot and sticky. Excitement radiated […]

Life with other clouded leopards

by BNF Scientist  Hidden in the dense rainforests of Borneo, Sunda clouded leopards (Carnivora, Felidae, Neofelis diardi) prowl. One of the least-known members of the felid family, this small ‘big cat’ is known for its striking coat (dotted with large cloud-like spots, a.k.a. ‘clouds’), long tail, and extraordinary climbing abilities. While being relatively small, it […]