Mapping the Education Forest in the Rungan Landscape (Part 1)

Written by Nityasa Namaskari (BNF’s Field Coordinator KHDTK Mungku Baru) Yuyus and Adit from the BNF drone team (accompanied by me) were assigned to map the Education Forest, using the quadcopter drone, near the village of Mungku Baru (4,910 hectares) nestled in the Rungan Landscape. The task was simple, fly the quadcopter from base camp […]

Learning by doing in the forest

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit (BNF’s Education Staff) Last month, the Education Programme, Anak Sabangau, learned about the importance of biodiversity, while learning about the tree species and animals that live in the Sabangau forest. At the end of the lessons, the Education Team brought Anak Sabangau to visit CIMTROP’s LAHG Camp to have firsthand […]

Using fun learning methods to teach children about the environment

Written by Petricia A. Hutasoit (BNF’s Education Staff) BNF’s Education Team recently went to Mungku Baru, a village in the Rungan Landscape where Borneo Nature Foundation is developing a new conservation programme. The Education Team have been visiting Mungku Baru to carry out educational activities since 2016. During this recent visit, we brought a box of […]

The dream of Borneo

Written by Ahmad Fauzi, BNF’s Barito Ulu Programme Field Coordinator  In the past, when I heard people say ‘Borneo’, my thoughts immediately jumped to mandau (traditional Dayak machete), poisonous chopsticks, wild animals, dense forests, and winding rivers. A wet January, early in 2018 at the height of the rainy season, I joined Borneo Nature Foundation as […]

A trip to learn about the ecosystem and camera traps

Written by Lynn Pallemaerts It’s not every day you get the opportunity to fly off to Borneo in the middle of the year to get some training on camera traps. Lucky me. Leaving my wintery home in Sweden at the beginning of February, I set off from airport to airport, before finally making it to […]

Saving the cats of the swamps (large and small)

Written by Susan M. Cheyne (BNF’s co-director) I love cats, ever since my family got a kitten when I was 8 years old. But at that time, I had no idea that there actually 33 species of wild cats around the world. Many people know about lions and tigers, but fewer people know about hard […]

Photography experience in Sabangau Forest

Written by Duncan Murrell (Photographer) As a conservation photographer already involved in conservation work in Palawan right next door to Borneo it was an obvious progression for me to try to get involved there as well, and fortuitously that was facilitated when I met one of the directors of the Borneo Nature Foundation who lives […]