Spotlight on behaviour: Unique habits related to the red langur loud call

Written by Ika (BNF Primate Scientist) and Supian (BNF Red Langur Project Coordinator) Communication has a very important role in the social life of primates, such as individual identification; sharing information on predators and food availability; and facilitating social interaction within a group and with other groups closeby. This includes the two red langur groups […]

International Conference on Biodiversity 2017: Representing BNF in Bali

Written by Sophie Kirklin (BNF Orangutan Scientist) Last week four members of the BNF team travelled to Bali to present our research outputs at the International Conference on Biodiversity organised by the Society for Indonesian Biodiversity. The team members were Abdul Azis (Orangutan Research Coordinator), Santiano (Forestry Coordinator), Suzanne Turnock (Communications Development Manager) and me […]

Another new baby in Sabangau Forest!

Written by Ika, Unyil, and Azis K (BNF Primate Behaviour Team) November was a tough month for the Primate Team in Sabangau. With unpredictable weather and rain every morning; it was hard for the team to search and find primates in the forest. However, the team never falters. They woke up very early every day […]

Hello from Borneo: Meet Niti our new Field Coordinator

Three months ago, I left Palangka Raya for Tangerang Selatan, my hometown in Java. “I get to go home after six months!” I thought to myself. At that time I wasn’t sure if I was coming back, but here I am, back in Palangka Raya and working for Borneo Nature Foundation! I started my journey […]