Hello from Borneo: Meet Eka our new Gibbon and Red Langur Scientist

Borneo is my first love, and to be able to get the chance to live in the middle of Borneo’s forest is like a dream come true! Here I am, the new Gibbon and Red Langur Scientist for Borneo Nature Foundation. I arrived last month, but I feel like I’ve work here since forever, that’s […]

Endless reasons to protect orangutans

Written by Sophie Kirklin (BNF’s Orangutan Scientist) In orangutan caring week, we remind ourselves why we care about our orange relatives and why it is so important that we do! To us at BNF, it seems like there are endless reasons, but here are a few of the top of our heads: Conservation – To […]

Experience the nature, back to nature

Written by Petricia Andini Hutasoit Anak Sabangau (or ‘Children of Sabangau’) is an education programme of Borneo Nature Foundation based in the village of Kereng Bangkirai next to the Sabangau Forest. The children who join Anak Sabangau take part in our environmental education sessions every week, which follow different themes each month (like orangutans, recycling, […]

Educating ourselves to help educate others

My name is Petricia Andini Hutasoit, I am Education Staff working in Borneo Nature Foundation’s Education Programme. Last month I received a scholarship to participate in the Green Educator Course 2017 at the Green School Bali. The course was held for five days, between 16 and 20 October, with the theme ‘Implanting the Concept of […]