New baby gibbon in Group C!

Written by Jack Poole (BNF’s Intern) September 28th 2017 It was early. The clouds were low as if a coastal mist had settled in above our heads. It felt pleasantly cool and needless to say, it felt mystic, particularly serene in camp and the surrounding rainforest this morning. I greeted Adul (a master of […]

Using Dayak knowledge to understand the traditional uses of plants on Borneo

Written by Siddharth Badri (Independent Researcher) It has been exactly a month since I arrived in Indonesia to start my yearlong ethnobotanical research (the study of plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of local culture and people) on the Dayak community living in Kereng Bangkirai near the Sebangau National Park. I feel […]

My first marathon

Written by Katherine Piercy Any runner will tell you a marathon is as much about mental strength as physical. Indeed running itself is a very mentally demanding sport, your body gently reminding you that walking is easier, and then starting to shout that stopping is the only thing which will make the pain go away. To […]

Nature Runner

Written by Katharine Piercy Running across the fields in the evening night I saw a lithe, dusty-orange shape moving over the golden stubble. A fox, his dinner clasped between his teeth, finds his spot and begins to dig, soon depositing his kill. He doesn’t notice me passing closely by, busy as he buried his treasure. […]

Adult male gibbon leads snake mobbing

Written by Jack Poole (BNF’s Gibbon Behaviour Project Intern) Once upon a time in the green depths of Sabangau Forest lived a family of gibbons, collectively known as Group C. The group comprised of Captain the adult male, Chilli his adolescent daughter, and Comel (pronounced “Cho- Mel”) another adult female. Chilli is known well to […]