For the love of nature

Written by Marc Dragiewicz The Sabangau is a jewel where conservation is working.  It has been enlightening and a privilege to witness BNF’s efforts and to watch them grow.  I first came to BNF in 2005 when their studies were expanding beyond primates.  The Sabangau had been ravaged for 10 years.  BNF was an integral […]

Rainforest Live: Bringing wildlife sightings to you

On 8 June, BNF was joined by 24 other conservation organisations for Rainforest: Live 2017. We were live on social media from rainforests around the world for the whole day. People experienced the wonders of the tropical rainforest without leaving the comfort of their homes. Incredibly, our hashtag #RainforestLive was viewed over 2.4 million times […]

Chilli and friends (Part 6 – End)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) and Cara Wilcox(BNF’s Primate Scientist) Every day I try to find new friends to play with in the forest, but from my experience, I have found it difficult to meet friends that are good to play with. However, this has helped me to learn a lot about the […]

Survey dragonflies and damselflies populations to assess changes in the surrounding environment

Written by Jennifer Brousseau (BNF’s Primate Scientist) In the month of April, the BNF-OuTrop Programme began surveying dragonflies and damselflies in the Sabangau forest to assess differences in species abundance and richness throughout the forest.  Ari Purwanto, OuTrop Biodiversity Coordinator, explains a bit below about why survey dragonflies, how to carry out the surveys and […]