Protecting peatlands in Borneo: A Dayak woman’s story

Written by Desi Natalia (BNF’s Communications Officer) This year we will expand the scope of our work in and nearby the Sabangau Forest, home to the world’s largest population of Bornean orangutans, thanks to the support of the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF). This work will be led by our Conservation Programme in collaboration with NGO’s […]

Chilli and Friends (Part 3)

Written by Azis K (Gibbon Project Coordinator) Last week, my mum and I were travelling west in the forest. We had just finished eating and were resting in the trees and enjoying our home in the Sabangau Forest. I looked up, down, to the left and when I looked to the right I saw a […]

TRI Handkerchiefs: A mission to protect Indonesia’s forests

Written by: Annisa Fauziah (from TRI Handkerchiefs) Hi! My name’s Neo, a young orangutan made of cotton, knitted wool and love. I was born in Borneo and was adopted by a boy named Ben and his dad, Tim, and they brought me to Bali, their home. Bali is a very beautiful island, and Ben and […]