Sharing Stories from ‘Festival Anak Sabangau’

Written by Desi Natalia (BNF Communication Officer) Festival Anak Sabangau was held on 3-4 December at Kereng Bangkirai Harbour. The event was organised by Borneo Nature Foundation’s (BNF) Education Team to celebrate the children of Kereng Bangkirai who usually join the ‘Anak Sabangau’ community. To open the event, Anak Sabangau performed Dayak dancing and songs […]

Anak Sabangau kids go on an adventure!

Written by Verawati Aprillia (BNF Communications Assistant) Lessons don’t always have to be in the classroom. Sometimes we have to put theories and ideas into practice on-the-ground. Our ‘Anak Sabangau’ children recently went on a little adventure into the peat-swamp forests of Jumpun Pambelom (Dayak language for ‘the living forest’), Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan. Anak […]