Welcoming a new wild orangutan baby to the world!

As we celebrate International Orangutan Day 2016, Jali (OuTrop Field Assistant) brings us some very exciting news from the Sabangau Forest. Last month, Cara (OuTrop’s Gibbon and Red Langur Scientist) and I were on the lookout for red langur monkey or gibbon groups to habituate (become accustomed to human observers). We ended up finding the […]

Prevention is better than cure: Managing habitats now to stop forest fires in the future

Our work to prevent forest fires never stops. The fight never stops. Our efforts does not only involve extinguishing the flames, but also stopping the flames ever catching alight. Our Conservation Manager, Pau Brugues Sintes, talks about exactly what this involves! In undisturbed conditions, peat-swamp forests are fire resistant. Even during the dry season the […]

Part 2: How do orangutans communicate?

After nearly a year with OuTrop, it is time for us to wave goodbye to our Orangutan Research Assistant, Joey Markx. In our latest blog Joey, who specialises in gestural communication, shares his research findings and his experiences in the forests of Borneo. It’s here, the sad time to leave the project has come again. […]

Amazing forest species recorded on our Mungku Baru Expedition

Following on from our meeting with the Rector of the Muhammadiyah University of Palangka Raya (UMP), our Mungku Baru Education Forest research expedition began last month. Due to the site’s remoteness, communications are difficult, but we have received reports that a number of important findings have been made and important forest and wildlife species documented. […]