Best of camera traps December 2015

The camera traps have produced some great results in December of last year.

We have only our second photo of a binturong – this time from one of the canopy cameras! Also visiting the canopy cameras were a crested serpent eagle and a pig-tailed macaque.

Marbled cat



Crested serpent eagle
One of the popular sites for animals, 5km from our camp, looks a bit messy now. The reason is that a flanged male orangutan pulled down a tree to eat on the ground! Check out the video here. Passing this area sometime later, a marbled cat can be seen in a photo. Also at this location you can see a short-tailed mongoose playing with one of our poles used to measure the water table, keep watching this video to the end for a surprise!
Orangutan flanged male

Sun bear

Bearded pig
Clouded leopards make an appearance as well, with photos from 3 different locations. A bearded pig and a sun bear round out the photos and videos from December 2015. We will have the results from January 2016 in a couple of weeks so do come back to see what the animals and birds of Sabangau are getting up to!
Clouded leopard

Part 1: How do orangutans communicate?

Joey Markx, OuTrop Orangutan Researcher, is back in the Sabangau Forest after completing his undergraduate research on orangutan gestural communication in 2014. He has returned to continue this exciting project. Here, he explains all…