Borneo is burning, but why?

As described in our recent blog, the fire situation in Kalimantan is worsening seemingly by the day. Thick and hazardous smoke is enveloping the region, and the forest habitat of orangutans and other wildlife is under threat.Although the threat is much more severe this year, avid followers of OuTrop will recall that fires also occurred […]

Sabangau at Risk: Local Fire Attack Force Called to Arms

With a strong El Niño event underway and expected to continue into 2016, the dry season has really taken hold now in Central Kalimantan, and the inevitable peat fires are now raging throughout the region. Haze from these fires has been shrouding the provincial capital of Palangka Raya for the last month. Flights are being […]

Species Series: Beautiful butterflies

They may be small, but butterflies play a key role in helping us to understand the impacts of human disturbance on the forests of Borneo. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful animals of the forest. There are about 20 species that we see regularly in the Sabangau Forest and with so much diversity each […]

Two of a kind: Rare sighting of a wild orangutan and gibbon playing together

You may have seen the article about this very rare encounter in the Sunday Express (UK newspaper), now here is the full story from Tom Lloyd (a Masters student from Oxford Brookes University, UK), who managed to capture this special footage.During May, I was following a group of gibbons with Unyil (OuTrop Field Assistant). It was […]

SSE Employees walk to the moon and back to raise funds for OuTrop

***980 teams from SSE took part in pedometer 5 Challenge walking a total of 480,335 miles – greater than walking to the moon and back at 477,710 miles*** ***Winning team called Finance and Friends Team ‘NINO (No Input No Output)’ hand over cheque for £5,000 to OuTrop Trust to help conservation efforts in Borneo*** Staff from […]

Two’s company, six is a crowd??

MSc student, Sophie Kirklin, had a very eventful orangutan follow recently. Six wild orangutans, one close encounter, one tree pushed over, one uncooperative mating and one distressed infant, and all before lunch! The morning started as usual; up at 3:40am to reach the orangutan’s night nest before it was abandoned.  The walk was quick as […]

Species Series: the bold bearded pig

The latest species in our special series is the Bornean bearded pig.The Bornean bearded pig has a distinct moustached face, which is where it gets its name from. The colour of this pig depends on the colour of the mud in which it is wallowing! A bearded pig spotted near camp. Photo by Chris Owen/OuTrop […]

Celebrating rare red apes: International Orangutan Day 2015

Every year on the 19th August, many conservation organisations around the world celebrate International Orangutan Day. It is a positive day, amidst the doom and gloom news of declining populations and serious threats that normally surrounds orangutans in the media. Although these are crucial things for people to know, International Orangutan Day is a time […]