PhD awarded to OuTrop’s Red Langur Project Director

In our latest blog, OuTrop’s Red Langur Project Director, Dave Ehlers Smith, shares his exciting news.It’s been a long time since I posted a blog update; with this post comes some long-awaited good news. After more than 5 years, I’ve finally been awarded my PhD by Published Research in ecology and conservation, researching Sabangau’s endemic […]

My orangutan follows by Mathilde (OuTrop Volunteer)

My name is Mathilde, I’m from Belgium and I joined OuTrop as a volunteer in the first group of 2015. I’d like to share some of my orangutan experiences. Orangutans were one of the main reasons that I joined OuTrop and my expectations were definitely exceeded!I first searched for orangutans in the Sabangau Forest with […]

Species Series: the charismatic orangutan

This week, as part of our Species Series and for International Orangutan Day 2015 celebrations, we bring you the charismatic orangutan.The word orangutan comes from two Malaysian words: ‘orang’ (which means man) and ‘hutan’ (which means forest). When these two words are put together – orang-hutan, it literally means ‘man of the forest’. They are so-called because of […]

Camera Traps – best of July 2015

July has revealed another good selection of wildlife photos and videos from our camera trap project. We have several great images of our clouded leopards, a large male orangutan and sun bear. Clouded leopard Clouded leopard As you can see, the animals like to use our boardwalks to get around the jungle – just like […]

Species Series: Fascinating fish

This week, as part of our Species Series, we bring you the fascinating fish of Sabangau and the work we are doing to improve our understanding of these understudied species. You might ask: “Why put a fish in the OuTrop logo? What do fish have to do with the forest?” Well, peat-swamp forest represents a […]