Species Series: the playful pig-tailed macaque

We continue with our special Species Series and introduce you to the playful pig-tailed macaque. Pig-tailed macaques are small primates that are found in South-east Asia, South-west China, North-eastern India and, of course Borneo and other Indonesian islands. These macaques are different from other similar species of monkey as they have distinctive short tails. It is these short tails […]

Species Series – Lizards

There have been 11 species of Lizard recorded in Sabangau. Some of these can regularly be seen around camp, such as the impressive monitor lizard that likes to steal scraps of food from the camp kitchen. These reptiles typically have a diverse diet of ants, termites, stick insects, cockroaches, grasshoppers, spiders, scorpions, small mammals, frogs, […]

The elusive bay cat – new sightings

Following on from our big Kalimantan-wide camera trapping surveys from 2012-2014 we have a new publication out presenting new data on the endemic and elusive bay cat. This cat has never been found in Sabangau but we have found it in other forests and added new information about this cats range and behaviour. We added […]

Species series – Red Langur

The red langurs (or Kelasi as they are known here in Sabangau) are small primates that live in groups of 3 to 10 individuals that are made up of one male and many females. For the kelasi in Sabangau, more than 83% of their diet is fruit, which makes them frugivorous. However, they are quite […]

A day in the life of a red langur researcher by Lizzie Walker

On the 11th May I woke up at 3:50am, got myself ready and met Supian, my boss on the red langur project, at the start of Transect 0 where wooden boards take you deep into the forest. The previous day we had found Group BD and followed them until they chose a tree in which […]

Species Series – Frogs

Frogs are carnivorous amphibians that can be found in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems all over the world. In Borneo around 150 species of frogs can be found, 9 of which have been recorded in the Sabangau forest.   Frog – Camp – Jess Stitt – 2010 Frogs are very vocal animals. They use calls to […]

Species Series – Southern Bornean Gibbon

Gibbons are a family of apes that live in tropical and sub-tropical forests in South-East Asia, Northwest India and Bangladesh. Although there are many differences between the species in the family, they also have many things in common. For example, all gibbons have a specialised anatomy that means that they can swing through the forest using […]

Camera Traps – best of June 2015

We have a really excellent selection for you this month including some amazing images from our tree camera trap. Indeed most of the action has been in the trees this month. The ground cameras captured a really clear image of a mouse deer and a less clear image of one of our marbled cats.   […]

Day in the life of a gibbon researcher by Emily Boucker

On this particular day I followed with my fellow intern and roommate Connie; we take turns with which data we collect, and this day I was taking main data. We followed  an adult female named Coklat from Group C. The group consists of Coklat and the adult male Captain with their juvenile female Chilli.   […]