Fio turns five!

Fio is one of the most curious and playful orangutans in our study site in the Sabangau Forest. Born in April 2010, he is now five years old. OuTrop’s orangutan researcher, Rebecca Armson, looks back over his early life and discusses what might be in store for him in the next few years. Many members […]

Year of the Gibbon 2015: It is a happy talent to know how to play

It’s not just human children that like to play, but gibbons too! As part of our blog series for Year of the Gibbon 2015, Carolyn Thompson, OuTrop’s Primate Scientist, explores play behaviour and why it’s so important for gibbons and other primates. Our wonderful gibbons are often seen interacting closely with each other. Besides grooming other […]

Squeaks, cries and whines: Sounds of the red langur monkey

Larissa Salaki, a Masters student from Indonesia and recipient of an OuTrop funded studentship, has just come to the end of her data collection in the Sabangau Forest. During the past 6 months, she has been studying the vocalisations of the elusive red langur monkeys or, as locally known, “kelasi”. Unlike gibbons or orangutans, vocalisations of […]

A tale of two schools: Engaging children from near and far in conservation

Camp was a little busier than usual at the start of April. We welcomed more than 25 high school students and their teachers to the Sabangau Forest for three days. This was a special visit as the students were from two schools: a local school in Palangka Raya (the nearest town to the Sabangau Forest) […]

Learning from our friends at the Gunung Palung Orangutan Project

Three members of our field team (Tommy, Aman and Supian) recently travelled to Gunung Palung Orangutan Project in West Kalimantan to learn more about how research is carried out at another orangutan project. Here they share their exciting experiences. In February, we embarked on a journey from Palangka Raya (the nearest town to the Sabangau […]

Best of March 2015 Camera Traps: Keeping their head above water!

A small, but interesting set of images for March highlight how animals move through the forest when it is flooded. Both sun bears and pig-tailed macaques are seen using our boardwalks to avoid getting too wet! The boardwalks, not only make it easier for us to travel through the forest, but for animals too. Sun […]

You wait ages for an orangutan and then three come along at once!!

OuTrop interns have the opportunity to experience all of our projects to get a better understanding of conservation. Connie, a gibbon intern here for 6 months, has spent the past three days searching for wild orangutans. Trying to find orangutans in the forest is not as easy as you may think, as Connie found out. […]