Year of the Gibbon 2015: Introducing Gibbon Group ‘Karate’

As part of our blog series for Year of the Gibbon 2015, Dr Susan Cheyne (Director of Gibbon and Felid Research) introduces some of the individual gibbons that we study in the Sabangau Forest. Introducing Karate Group: so named as they are regular winners in the many intergroup encounters with other gibbons. The family has […]

What you eat matters, and for butterflies as well as humans…

OuTrop Masters student, Connie Tremlett, conducted the first-ever studies of carrion-feeding butterflies in a tropical peat-swamp forest and fills us in on what she found… I was lucky enough to get the chance to spend 12 weeks with OuTrop in Borneo last year, studying the responses of carrion- and fruit- feeding butterflies to disturbance in […]

Join us in celebrating the International Day of Forests today!

Forests matter and, today especially, it’s not just OuTrop who are shouting that point! The importance of forests for all of us is recognised at the very highest level, with 21st March having been declared International Day of Forests by the United Nations. Sabangau Peat-Swamp Forest, Indonesian Borneo. Photo by Andrew Walmsley/OuTrop This special designation […]

Bitten by the bug: Invertebrates of the Sabangau Forest

Our red langur intern, Chris Owen, has taken a closer look at some of the weird and wonderful inhabitants of the Sabangau Forest. Here at OuTrop we run a range of conservation and research projects. We aim to conserve and restore this remarkable habitat of disturbed peat-swamp forest, and work to further our scientific knowledge […]

Our first canopy camera trap photo revealed!

OuTrop is delighted to share the first results of our canopy camera traps! These traps have been placed by Adul, Camera Trap Project Coordinator, into the canopy as an experiment to see what other animals we can identify. As all our camera traps were previously on the ground, we may have under sampled species, which […]

Let’s Focus on the Singing, Swinging Mothers!

It is not just human mothers who will get all the attention on Sunday 15th for Mother’s Day. OuTrop’s Primate Scientist, Carolyn Thompson, talks about a new research focus for the Gibbon Project:  mother-infant relationships.   Adult female of Karate and her new infant In 2014, OuTrop’s field researchers noticed the arrival of many new […]

Learn how to survey tropical canopy butterflies with OuTrop’s new guide!

As part of OuTrop’s efforts to build capacity for research in Indonesia, we are delighted to announce the publication of our Good Practice Guidelines for butterfly canopy trapping, which are available for free download here. A Bahasa Indonesia version of this document is also planned to be launched shortly, so watch this space! A female […]

Mother’s Day 2015 – mothers and infants of Borneo

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK and OuTrop is celebrating with a selection of our best mother and infant photos.   The bond between a mother and her infant is strong in all species. Through our camera trapping work we have been allowed a privileged insight into the relationships between mothers and their […]