Sharing knowledge, ideas and skills on our gibbon training day

Gibbon researcher, Hélène Birot, talks about an exciting training day on our gibbon behaviour project for local field staff. Training days are key to empowering our team, gaining new skills and knowledge, and to the overall success of our conservation and research projects. We led a great training day for all the primate behaviour team […]

Volunteering with OuTrop: Overcoming fears, falls and phobias

Hi, I’m Vicky and I volunteered with OuTrop in 2014. I thought I would share some of my thoughts of the experience with you. I don’t have a background in conservation or biodiversity research. I actually work in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical affairs specialist. This basically means I provide detailed information on medicinal […]

Year of the Gibbon 2015: The Gibbons of Sabangau

As part of Year of the Gibbon 2015, Dr Susan Cheyne, OuTrop Director of Gibbon Research, introduces you to some of our wonderful gibbons and talks about why we have spent over 3,000 hours trekking through the peat-swamp forests of Borneo to learn more about them! In May 2005 a small team began the slow […]

Hired guns: Female red langur monkeys use males to protect their resources

Red langurs live in groups made up of one male and multiple females. The resident adult male will always be at risk of being ousted by an invading male and losing his females. In 2012, a group of red langur monkeys experienced a change in leadership. This got our Red Langur Project Leader, David Ehlers […]