Indonesian Primate Day 2015: Don’t Buy Primates!

Across Indonesia (Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali and the Mentawai Islands) there are 46 primate species (61 subspecies), of which 23 have been recorded in Tropical Peat-swamp Forests (TPSF), the habitat where OuTrop works. Almost all of these species, from orangutans and gibbons to macaques, are targeted for the illegal pet trade occurring both within […]

New research and policy developments highlight need for field conservation efforts in Borneo amidst climate and deforestation threats

OuTrop’s Managing Director, Dr Mark Harrison, considers some recent publications and developments regarding forest and biodiversity conservation in Borneo, which highlight the critical importance of ongoing field conservation efforts in the region. Borneo is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot that is home to a huge myriad of plant and animal species, many of which […]

Melodic sounds of the mangrove whistler

Marc Dragiewicz, one of our long-term research collaborators, talks about his favourite sound of the forest; the song of the mangrove whistler. One of my favourite things in the world is walking into a forest where I had never been before. One thing I love about forests are the sounds. I was very excited to […]

Un-bear-lievable sighting!! Sun bear caught on camera falling from tree!

Adul, one of our Project Coordinators, shares a wonderful experience of seeing not one, but two sun bears in the forest, and what happens next is fantastic….. During a follow one morning, myself, Caz and Unyil watched as an adult female gibbon fed in a tree approximately 16-20 metres above us. Suddenly, we heard branches […]

Training our team!

Using poetry Caz, from our primate behaviour team, talks about a recent training day and what our team got up to! Since OuTrop’s Orangutan Project started 12 years ago, frequent training days have been imperative to ensure that data collection standards are high amongst all members of the behaviour team. As well as collecting long-term […]

Camera Traps – Best of December 2014

As we enter a new year we are excited about what more we will learn about the animals of Sabangau from our camera traps. The cameras are a great tool to discover more about elusive, but not camera shy, forest inhabitants, like sun bears, clouded leopards and other cat species. As with most technology, it […]

2015 is Year of the Gibbon!

OuTrop is delighted to announce that we are a partner for Year of the Gibbon 2015. Led by the IUCN Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group Section on Small Apes (SSA), this initiative will aim to increase awareness for gibbon conservation efforts. Southern Bornean gibbon. Photo by Supian/OuTrop The plight of the gibbon is so […]

The first time I went to Borneo: Exhilarating, fun, unforgettable!

Jack Springall, who helped us run 2014 volunteer groups, shares his highlights from his time with OuTrop. Photo by Ben Thomas The first time I went to Borneo is not an experience I’ll easily forget. When I stepped off the plane the heat hit me hard. This was when it became real for me; I […]

Wood Ants: a poem by Helen Morrogh-Bernard

 OuTrop’s work encompasses all creatures that we come across in the Sabangau Forest; all creatures great and small! Here, Founding Director, Dr Helen Morrogh-Bernard takes a moment to reflect on the wonderful wood ants.   As big as they are they wonder the forest floor in search of scraps, Debris of any kind. Lumbering around […]