Our Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) draw upon our research experience in Borneo’s forests, to provide recommendations for people wishing to establish similar research at their own sites. Meanwhile, our Species Guides provide accounts of wildlife species found in our research areas, together with guidance on their identification.

We hope that these publications will help build capacity for these activities in Indonesia, thereby supporting conservation of its rich natural resources. If you have any questions and or wish to discuss potential collaborations relating to these GPGs/Guides or any other area of our research, please feel free to contact us on:

Good Practice Guidelines (Previously Standard Operating Procedures)

SDP front cover
Canopy trapping GPG front cover SOP litterfall front cover 3
A Framework Staff Development
Programme for Enhancing Local
Research and Conservation Capacity
Good Practice Guidelines
Butterfly Canopy Trapping
Standard Operating Procedure
Forest Litter-fall
SOP gibbon population density front cover 2
SOP camera traps front cover 2
Standard Operating Procedures for
Population Density Surveys for Gibbons

Also available in bahasa Indonesia
Standard Operating Procedure
For Placing Camera Traps

Also available in bahasa Indonesia


Species Guides

ant guide front cover butterfly guide front cover 2
A Guide to the Ants
of Sabangau
A Guide to the Butterflies
of Sabangau