Education Programme

Conservation education is central to Borneo Nature Foundation. We want to help facilitate the creation of a Conservation Generation: children who are filled with knowledge about and respect for the natural world and who are empowered to take positive steps to protect our natural heritage.

We aim to provide children with the knowledge and tools to initiate conservation measures themselves so that they become the facilitators for change in the future. We conduct activities in several places, such as in schools, outside school, forest visits and university talks involving the wider community through exhibitions of the work done by the children. Our education programme currently focuses on three main areas:

Conservation Team
Brings together children of all ages in their communities to learn about the forest and how we can work to protect it.

“Learning can be anywhere, learning is for everyone: all places are a teacher, everyone is a teacher and everyone has the power to make a positive difference.”

Conservation in Schools
By bringing the rainforest to schools we are providing a series of classes about different aspects of the forest, the animals and the threats they face. It is very important people are aware of all aspects of the conservation problem so they are empowered to do more. Aimed at students of 9-11 years, the series of 6 classes is being developed with Indonesian teachers to ensure it is of a high standard.

Visiting the rainforest
Field trips are a crucial part of our education and outreach programme. By bringing children to the forests they can meet the research teams and see what we are working to protect. Children can speak to the teams and learn what it means to be a conservation biologist.


    Our aims:

  • To provide knowledge about the importance of forests and biodiversity in Kalimantan
  • To introduce and provide knowledge about the benefits of wildlife and ecosystems
  • To introduce and discuss the threats to forests and endangered species of Borneo
  • To empower people to think about measures to protect forests and wildlife in Borneo