Species Series: Exploring our logo, silhouette by silhouette


Following the launch of our new logo last year, we felt that it was now time to have a bit of fun with it… and learn about Borneo’s amazing wildlife in the process.

As described in our short video, the logo is designed to reflect both the diversity of the forest and OuTrop’s current work, the inter-connectivity of its different components and the circular/cyclical nature of the forest ecosystem.


Viewed from afar, only the perimeter circle, plus darker tree and soil/peat dome are discernible. But, as you get closer and explore the forest more thoroughly, the other silhouettes become discernible and the true richness of the forest emerges. This reflects the true nature of exploring a tropical forest: the more you look, the more you find and the more fascinating it becomes.

Over the next couple of months, we will therefore be dissecting the silhouettes in our logo in a series of blog posts. These blogs will explore the natural history of the different animals and forest components found within the logo, with interesting stories from Sabangau and beyond.
Researchers exploring the Sabangau Forest. Photo by Andrew Walmsley/OuTrop
As well as being fun, we hope that this will also help highlight the fantastic wildlife found in these forests and how all of these species form part of a much wider, inter-linked ecosystem, in which each species has its own special and important place.
We’re really excited about this opportunity to bring our work and the Borneo jungle alive in this way, and hope you’ll come along for the ride! Join us next week to learn about hornbills; one of the most famous symbols of the Borneo rainforest.
Oriental pied hornbill in Sabangau. Photo by Hugh Sturrock/OuTrop