Species Series: the playful pig-tailed macaque


We continue with our special Species Series and introduce you to the playful pig-tailed macaque.

Pig-tailed macaques are small primates that are found in South-east Asia, South-west China, North-eastern India and, of course Borneo and other Indonesian islands. These macaques are different from other similar species of monkey as they have distinctive short tails. It is these short tails that give them their name as they look like the curly tail of a pig!

Pig-tailed macaques are usually found in large groups of up to 40 individuals that move through the forest, both on the ground as well as in the trees, eating fruits and small invertebrates. Because they are frequently found on the forest floor, and because of their highly inquisitive and playful nature, macaques are often caught on camera by our camera trap team. Unfortunately, the “playing” can get out of hand and has resulted in a few broken cameras!!

Pig-tailed macaques caught on our camera traps in the Sabangau Forest. Photo by OuTrop

Pig-tailed macaques are wide ranging and are able to adapt to different habitats. But, as forest is destroyed, these animals are losing the habitat that they depend on and migrate closer to where humans live. This can cause conflict between humans and macaques when they start feeding in farmland or in people's gardens.

Check out our YouTube channel for camera trap footage of playful pig-tailed macaques and other species that call the Sabangau Forest home.

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