Species Series: the bold bearded pig


The latest species in our special series is the Bornean bearded pig.

The Bornean bearded pig has a distinct moustached face, which is where it gets its name from. The colour of this pig depends on the colour of the mud in which it is wallowing!

A bearded pig spotted near camp. Photo by Chris Owen/OuTrop

When they breed, the females make nests on raised patches of ground in the peat-swamp forest by tearing off bits of saplings and shrubs, and piling them on the ground. No other Bornean mammal makes a nest in this way.

A family of bearded pigs caught on our camera trap. Photo by OuTrop

They have a very varied diet composed of fruit, seeds, roots, herbs, other plant material, earthworms and other small animals. But, they like to supplement their normal diet by coming to camp and sniffing out scraps from our kitchen! The bearded pigs are one of the most commonly seen and bold animals around base camp. We recorded a family of pigs rooting around in the mud outside the kitchen on our ‘kitchen cam’.

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