Species Series – Lizards


There have been 11 species of Lizard recorded in Sabangau. Some of these can regularly be seen around camp, such as the impressive monitor lizard that likes to steal scraps of food from the camp kitchen. These reptiles typically have a diverse diet of ants, termites, stick insects, cockroaches, grasshoppers, spiders, scorpions, small mammals, frogs, fish and crabs. They flick their tongues in and out of their mouths like snakes in order to ‘taste’ the air and find food. The monitors are the largest of the lizards we have in Sabangau.

Monitor Lizard – Jessica Stitt/OuTrop

Skinks are also a common visitor to the OuTrop camp. These are shiny-scaled lizards that hunt during the day for prey, such as insects, on the forest floor. These lizards have detachable tails and if their tail falls off then it will regrow! They come in many different colours and are almost iridescent.

Skink. Photo by Chris Owen/OuTrop

A less common sighting is the flying lizard that can be found in Sabangau. They are called flying lizards because of flaps of skin on their bodies called ‘sails’ that they can open out and allow them to glide through the canopy. This allows them to move between trees without coming down to the forest floor and to quickly escape predators.