Species Series – Frogs


Frogs are carnivorous amphibians that can be found in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems all over the world. In Borneo around 150 species of frogs can be found, 9 of which have been recorded in the Sabangau forest.
Frog – Camp – Jess Stitt – 2010
Frogs are very vocal animals. They use calls to attract mates and defend territories. During the night, the croaking of frogs in the Sabangau forest can reach an incredible chorus.
Frogs are sometimes referred to as the ‘forest’s barometers’. They have permeable skin that makes them sensitive to changes in their environment, such as changes in climate or pollution levels. This means that looking at frog populations can provide an indication of the condition of the forest and can help identify changes. As well as being sensitive to their environment, they are also very easy to survey because of their very loud calls. This makes them a perfect indicator species. This year, OuTrop has started to survey frog species so that we can look at changes that may occur in the future.