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What’s Happening Wednesday: Feeling sociable?

People’s use of social media seems to be ever-growing, particularly with the advent of smartphones and tablets making it simpler than ever to access social media while on the move.
But what are we to make of this increasing interaction with the online world, and how does it impact on people’s relationship with nature? Some are worried that it might undermine people’s relationship with nature. Even if we spend more time watching nature documentaries, maybe our true connection with the outdoor world is diminishing.
Others argue that social media is a useful tool that can bring nature into people’s homes and lives. Deployed effectively it can bolster passion for nature and political support for measures to help the natural environment.
At OuTrop, we like to think that our online communications – our blog, website, twitter feed and facebook page – are used to share funny, interesting and informative content. They’re also where we keep you up to date with opportunities to support us, and sometimes even to come and work with us.
We know that the tiny glowing pixels of a smartphone, tablet or laptop will never be a replacement for getting out into nature. But we do hope that our online presence helps you learn about our work and sometimes feel inspired to support us in any number of ways: donating, making money for us when you shop online(at no cost to yourself), telling your friends about us or considering our volunteering or internship opportunities. And, particularly if you don’t live in Indonesia, we hope it helps you feel connected with this part of the world.
If you have ideas for more or different content you’d like to see online from us, please get in touch: comms@outrop.com or @OuTrop.
So, to build our online audience, we have a favour to ask. Our facebook page currently sits at 916 ‘likes’. We want to reach 1000 likes by the end of August. That’s 84 more likes.
We’d be really grateful if you would tell some friends about us and our work and point them in the direction of our facebook page. There’s no stronger recommendation than that which comes from a friend or family member.

By doing so, more people will be part of the OuTrop online community, sharing in the beauty and wonder Borneo, this magical place that’s home to so much amazing wildlife.