What's happening Wednesday

What’s Happening Wednesday; David Attenbough for chimps!

Attenborough contributing to work and
writing for Bornean conservation

Calling all those who know Sir David supports Borneo conservation, and shouting at those who don’t know his amazing work with the island..

We talk today about David Attenbough’s support for global conservation. Just goggle search his name and ‘Borneo’ to find out why this island is rumoured to be his favourite country and area of tropical rainforest… 

David Attenborough has just released an amazing interview for Ape Alliance , commenting on the horrific situation that chimps are battling to survive through on the Ivory Coast , Africa. Hopefully as many views and publicity of this video will put increasing pressure on the Ivorian (and German) Governments. So please share this blog widely and shout about ape conservation! 

The man himself …

Watch here! 

Thanks for watching!
Best wishes Cathy (Apes Alliance) & Thea (OuTrop)