Hear volunteer’s testimony from Rungan Forest- Borneo!

Volunteer Blog

The volunteers from Exeter Univerity (UK) spent a month in Rungan Forest- Borneo Indonesia without any internet or mobile connection. They joined our scientific expedition to learn about the Rungan Forest and to understand the species richness and biodiversity there. Here are their testimonies from the beginning of their trip:

  1. Katherine – This is the first time I have been in a rainforest and it will be the longest I have been in a different country. It’s such a new experience.
  2. Alfie – The civets next to camp have been the most interesting thing
  3. Ed – It has been fun but very tiring.
  4. Ellie – It is so great to be in such a beautiful place learning about amazing things. I love that this is a group of enthusiastic people working together.
  5. Abi – There is so much to say I wouldn’t know where to start. We’ve only been here a couple of days but it’s already been super fun and we’ve learned so I’m looking forward to doing more orangutan nest surveys and gibbon triangulation soon.
  6. Bella – It only been a few days but it all feels very settled. The volunteers have adapted to camp life well.
  7. Chloe – I’ve never been so sweaty in my entire life but I’m loving it. Feel so lucky to be learning in such an amazing place with amazing people.
  8. Catherine – Everyone here is so friendly and I have made so many memories. It is such an amazing experience to be learning in such a unique place.


They may have just left Indonesia, but we’ll never forget what have they done to help us understand the Rungan Forest. Thanks to all volunteers from Exeter University and also Muhammadiyah University. We are happy to have you join us in the Rungan Forest!


Volunteers activity in Rungan Forest